Building a unique digital experience: a guide.

By Samuel Isaacs on 26 February, 2024

So you want to build a unique digital experience for your customers and potential customers? Well then you are in the right place.

But before we get started and look at what you should look out for when creating a new digital experience, what is the point?
Essentially it boils down to the fact that digital is such an important element of business today. Your customers and potential customers are constantly interacting with businesses online. Whether it's to find out about a product / service or to purchase something directly, they're doing it online. We're now in that space where there is lots of competition online and it's no longer logical not to compete. So how do we compete?

Because the internet is so vast and full of other businesses in the same space as you, you need to think differently. Take a look at the competition, take a look at the big players and take a look at how your friends and family interact with the internet. What do you notice? Is there a gap somewhere for something unique to come in? Explore this and see where it takes you.

In my book: "How to: Make your business digital", we discuss exactly this. We go through what makes an idea unique, how to develop it and how to have the correct mindset for success. You can learn more about the actual steps to create a unique digital experience by getting yourself a copy.

Now, I'm not just trying to sell my book here, the reason I have reverted to recommending you get a copy of the book is because whilst writing this article I was confronted with two thoughts.

1) In order to really understand how to create a unique digital experience, I'm going to need to write 16,000 words (which happens to be the word count of my book).

2) This content is free on my website, and I've just spent two years writing a book on it. So, from a commercial perspective it just doesn't make sense

Sorry for ending this article this way, hopefully you can appreciate my openness...

I found the book insightful! A short but great read!
- Laura, UK
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Find out all about how to make a unique digital experience for your customers with my book. Get a copy of: "How to: Make your business digital".

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