About Samuel Isaacs.

Samuel Isaacs, is an experienced digital marketer that has created digital campaigns for over 50 different companies in 27 different countries.

Samuel's career started at age 15, when he was offered £100 to create a local concert bands website. At the time Samuel did not know how to create websites, so taught himself in order to get started.

Throughout his career, Samuel has successfully run an independent digital media business, worked for Global Radio (the UK's biggest commercial radio group) and run the digital marketing strategy for Firstcom Europe (an International telecommunications company).

More recently, Samuel is currently the Head of Digital at Circassia Group plc, a public International medical device company listed on the London Stock Exchange. Samuel is also the owner of Sisa Creative, an independent media agency that specialises in digital platform development and digital strategy. In his time as a freelancer, Samuel has worked on over 1,000 different digital campaigns across the globe.

Samuel was inspired to write "How to: Make your business digital" in 2020 when the world went into the first lockdown. Samuel was sick and tired of the poor advice that he was reading online and in the news, and wanted to share his experience around how digital works. The book is based on alternative viewpoints that have been the basis of Samuel's successful digital marketing campaigns. The book also addresses failure and shares experiences on how to get through failure positively.

Samuel is happy to take any questions from book owners, his email address is within the book.

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